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With 71 votes “for” Parliament voted the law for the weekend without VAT

The Parliament today, in the continuation of the 15th session, with 71 votes in favor, nine abstentions and no votes against, adopted the law amending the law on the return of a part of VAT for natural persons with shortened procedure, informs Zhurnal.

With the legal changes, it is possible to implement the measure “Weekend without VAT”, as part of the Government’s anti-crisis measures due to the Covid pandemic.

SDSM MPs consider that this is a project in the interest of citizens and yesterday called on MPs to support. This measure means that VAT money is returned to the accounts of citizens.

The opposition estimates that the law has been processed quickly and that there is a delay in its implementation. They say that citizens do not benefit from this measure and say that it applies only to those who have smartphones and who use the application “My VAT”.

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