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Why Hollywood’s finest are queuing up to work with Nabhaan Rizwan

Sitting in the King’s Cross branch of Dishoom, Nabhaan Rizwan is flicking through pictures from ES Magazine’s photo shoot. 

He stops on one particularly handsome portrait. Yes, I think, those soft brown eyes, gunslinger cheekbones and a particularly imperious long coat make you look every inch the inveterate film star. ‘See, I look stoic here, but actually this is the face I make when I’m confused,’ he says, his leading man’s mien seamlessly crumpling into a boyish grin.

This is a portrait of an artist as a very young man indeed; one big names fall over themselves to work with. Sam Mendes plucked Rizwan from his breakout role as the slick, streetwise Raza in the BBC intelligence thriller Informer and thrust him into 1917 as the soldier Sepoy Jondalar; Riz Ahmed cast him as rap star RPG in  Mogul Mowgli; Lena Dunham snapped up the Ilford boy to play graduate banker Hari for her forthcoming HBO/BBC drama, Industry. Yet he’s still only 23, lives with student friends in a ‘shabby’ flat in north-west London, can’t drive and doesn’t plan to learn. He hops around London instead on a single-gear bicycle he bought with his first week’s pay cheque from Informer. Even his outfit today is casual haute-fashion: mustard-yellow, houndstooth-print top from east London’s Prévu Studio, green Komono watch, charity shop grey coat and faded grey T-shirt.

Does he get recognised? ‘I mean I don’t have a long catalogue,’ he says, modestly, ordering a very down-to-earth cardamom and strawberry lassi. ‘People tend to come up and ask what they’ve seen me in rather than tell me what they’ve seen me in, which can be awkward. But at least people are nice.’

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