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August 8, 2022
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Why are US elections important for Northern Macedonia?

Regardless of who wins, the elections in the United States of America are one of the most important so far for Northern Macedonia and for many reasons, say experts on international affairs. According to them, from independence to membership, it has been proven that the role of the US was important and key in achieving these strategic goals.

“They are for the whole world and the states. US policy has not changed for NM even when Trump was in his first term. NM won the battle with Greece when Trump was there and joined NATO during his tenure. Therefore, I do not expect anything radical in the MV-US relations “, says for Zhurnal, Selim Ibraimi, political analyst.

On the other hand, Nano Ruzhin, a former diplomat, told that the US elections represent one of the most important events of the year at the political level.

According to him, the Balkan countries are interested in these elections, especially Kosovo and Serbia regarding the dialogue they are conducting, where a few months ago they signed an agreement in the presence of President Trump.

“First of all, the US elections are important for the whole world for a general political, economic, social but also health configuration and that is why they represent one of the most important events this year in the field of politics. Also, countries like those in the Balkans are interested, especially we see that the issue of the Pristina-Belgrade dialogue was at the center during the visit of the leaders of Kosovo and Serbia. There is a kind of attitude that’s supposedly when Trump is in charge of the US has more interest in Serbia and the Balkans than Biden. “But I think that this issue is very small that in the light of this issue we see the relations between Kosovo and Serbia as a kind of fateful solution if Trump or Biden wins”, stated for Zhurnal, the former diplomat Nano Ruzhin.

Analysts add that the US is seen as a guarantor of stability and the future of Northern Macedonia, which is another reason why this time the interest of public opinion in the country is very high this year.

The November 3 elections in the United States are being followed with interest in Kosovo as well, where the role of America is considered irreplaceable for the current developments but also for its future.

Otherwise, US President Donald Trump has held marches in three states he won in 2016 – Michigan, Wisconsin and Nebraska – hoping voters still believe he is the best candidate to fight for American production and agriculture – two areas extremely important to these states.

Trump has kicked off campaign day in Michigan, telling his supporters that the Nov. 3 election is “about economic survival” for the state, which develops the U.S. auto industry.

Trump challenger, Democrat Joe Biden, has campaigned in Georgia, a state Trump won in 2016.

Georgia has not voted for a Democratic candidate for president since 1992, but polls suggest things could change this year as Biden seeks to win the state and increase the number of Democratic candidates for the Senate.

“I am running as a proud Democrat, but I will lead as President of the United States,” said Vice President Biden in Warm Springs, close to the residence of former US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a Democrat who led the United States during the Great Depression and War. of the Second World.

“I will work with Democrats and Republicans. I will work as hard for those who do not support me as for those who are for me. “This is the job of the president, care for everyone,” Biden said.

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