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What wealth declared the Ministers in the “Zaev” Government?

In the website of the State Commission for the Prevention of Corruption does not contain information on the property of Deputy Prime Minister for the Fight against Corruption Nikolovski. The group has mentioned everything in its name, Besimi is the one who has more property from the new ministers, Boçvarski has a car in his name, Shahpaska has inherited property but does not emphasize the value. Some of the ministers also have loans, writes Dailynews.mk

Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the fight against corruption Ljupco Nikolovski, his colleague for economic issues Fatmir Bytyqi and Minister of Culture Irena Stefoska, are part of the new members of the Government for whom there is no information whether they have submitted a questionnaire to the Commission State for the Prevention of Corruption. There is no information on the SCPC website about what property the persons in question own. Ministers have 30 days from the date they are appointed to submit a survey list for the property they own. The new government was elected on August 30 this year.

A large part of the ministers so far were part of the government, and with this their data were published, but by the newly appointed ministers, a part of them have not yet fulfilled the obligation. First Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi everything he has mentioned in the survey list is in his name, some of the new ministers have only cars in their name, while a large part of the property belongs to their parents. The new ministers also have loans.

The group has everything it has highlighted in the survey list on its behalf

The property of the First Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi is estimated at around 141 thousand euros. In the survey list he emphasized that he owns an apartment of 115 m2 in Skopje in the amount of 100 thousand euros. He also has a newer car and an older one in his name. The oldest model of Citroen Xsara worth 1000 euros, while the newest Audi car worth 10 thousand euros, stands in the data submitted to the State Commission for the Prevention of Corruption. The group also has bank deposits in his name worth about 14 thousand euros. In the foreign exchange he emphasized that there are no funds, in the payment card he writes that there are 140 thousand denars or about 2300 euros. Almost that much (138 thousand denars) has a deposit in Stopanska Banka and 156,900 denars or about 2600 euros in the Commercial Bank. In the survey list it is emphasized that there is legalization of the superstructure of the facility in the amount of 1 million denars, or about 16 thousand euros.

Ljupco Nikolovski is the Deputy Prime Minister for the Fight against Corruption. No data can be found on the SCPC at this time. He has previously served as Minister of Agriculture. According to previous data, he owned a 33 m2 apartment in Kriva Palanka and a Reno Clio car. The other property belongs to his parents and his brother’s car, writes Zhurnal.

Deputy Prime Minister Fatmir Bytyqi in charge of economic affairs, coordination of economic departments and investments, also has no data to the SCPC on the state of property.

What property does Maricic own?

The Minister of Justice Bojan Maricic from his personal property has an older model of Citroen C4 car worth 3000 euros. From the common property there is an apartment in Skopje of 65 m2 in the amount of 60 thousand euros, and there are two loans, one in the amount of 3000 euros that I will have to pay by the end of the year, while the other of 50 thousand euros that I have to pay return until 2047. In the property of children there are also two foreign currency deposits of 1100 euros in the investment fund, also in the property of children there are deposits in denars in the amount of 15 thousand denars.

Shahpaska has inherited property in which the value is not emphasized

The Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Jagoda Shahpaska has inherited property in Bitola and property from her husband in Berovo and Skopje. For the property in her name the value is not emphasized, only for the property from the marital property it is worth 95,800 euros. In the survey list, the Minister emphasized that from her personal property in Bitola she owns two apartments with 81 m2 each, two auxiliary spaces of 17 and 73 m2, she has an auxiliary object of 18 m2 and land of 111 m2. The Minister also owns a yard of 212 m2 and a garage of 17 m2. For each of these no value is emphasized. All these were inherited in 2016. As personal property it is emphasized that there is a golf car from 2009, reached with a sale and purchase agreement, but even for this car the value is not emphasized.

The trust weighs more than 480 thousand euros

The Minister of Finance Fatmir Besimi, in his name and in the name of his wife, owns property, car and deposit in the amount of 480 thousand euros. He also mentioned the property from his parents. Besimi, where in the past he has held several ministerial positions, while he was also Deputy Prime Minister on his behalf in the survey list, emphasized that there is a deposit in denars in two banks, Stopanska and Shparkase in the amount of 27 thousand euros. On his behalf, he also mentioned the firm ECONNOVIA, the Society for Consulting and Research, where Dr.

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