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Varhelyi in Albania: I am here to bring good news

After his word at the Albanian Parliament, the EU Commissioner for Enlargement, Oliver Varhelyi, met with Prime Minister Edi Rama.

They are currently speaking at a joint conference, while the main focus is the country’s path towards the EU.

Prime Minister Rama vowed in front of the commissioner that Albania will continue to fulfil all the benchmarks se by the European Union.

“We are and always will be grateful. The cooperation with the Commission has yielded particular results. In all aspects, in connection to the objectives specified by the Commission in order to move forward with the integration agenda, we have advanced knowing that we must fulfil: justice reform, fighting corruption, improving to perfection the public administration, not because Brussels or Paris is asking us, but it is an obligation to our children”, said Rama.

The EU Commissioner said enlargement is among the Union’s priorities, which will be accompanied with new investments for all Western Balkans’ countries. He said that the situation in the region will be completely different in 4 years.  

“I bring good news. We will continue our work in the Western Balkans and we have the whole enlargement part. The plan in itself calls for an acceleration of what the countries are doing in order to catch up with the EU. The region will be entirely different in a 4 years’ timespan”, said the Commissioner.

Varhelyi also spoke about the creation of the Constitutional Court. According to him, Albanian authorities must do whatever they can to make this important institution functional again.

“We need to have the judges of the Constitutional Court get back to work and do their job”.

The head of the executive emphasized, that reforms are not the only path ahead of Albania, but also restoring a functional economy which will bring development to the entire region.

“The Commissioner was the first to call from the EU, to guarantee that the Union will stand close to Albania and the region during this period, despite the challenges posed,” said Rama. 

Will the government be penalized for the changes in the Electoral Code?

The EU Commissioner for Enlargement, Oliver Varhelyi, admitted during the press conference with Prime Minister Edi Rama that the Commission is currently analysing the legal changes that were done on the Electoral Code and adopted by the parliament earlier this week.

“Regarding the electoral reform, at the moment we are analysing the changes adopted by the parliament. As long as coalitions after the elections are not prohibited, then we see this with an open mid. We can’t restrict the right of the elected to form coalitions prior to or after the elections. I hope that all parties will participate in the elections, on the basis of the June 5 agreement”.

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