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Timonier: April 27 and the opening of negotiations with the EU are among the moments that I highlight during my 4-year mission

Former Consul General in Naples and Thessaloniki and many other countries, Christian Timonier in 2016 was appointed Ambassador of the French Republic in Skopje. Thimonier that time had replaced Ambassador Laurence Auer, writes Zhurnal.

He came at a difficult time for Macedonia, at a time of wiretapping and bombing scandals and on the eve of the formation of a full-fledged new government, after years of VMRO-DPMNE domination. At that time, Macedonia was opening a new page in its history.

Now, after four years of unstoppable engagement at the French Embassy in Skopje, Timonier is packing his bags and saying goodbye to Macedonia. Cyrille Baumgartner is now taking his place.

Thimonier On the eve of the end of his mission in our country, Timonier, in a statement to Zhurnal, gave his assessments and impressions during his stay in Skopje. He has experienced good things, happy moments, but also moments that have saddened him and he has bitter memories.

Asked by the Zhurnal news agency which moment was the one he enjoyed the most, Thimonier says that during his four-year term, a host of events took place, but what made him most happy was the decision of the European Council, to open membership negotiations with northern Macedonia.

“This stay of mine in Northern Macedonia was marked by a host of events, most of them positive. Most important is the decision of the European Council to open negotiations for the accession of Northern Macedonia to the European Union. It is the fruit of a long journey led by the successive governments of Northern Macedonia, since 2004 and the submission of the candidacy of this country, but also of the coalition-led policies, which came to the government in 2017. It is the result of “Many efforts and even sacrifices, but which marks the advantage of the course set towards Europe since your independence”, says Timonier.

Timonier does not forget to mention also the new methodology prepared by the French Republic regarding the way of membership of the countries claiming to join the EU.

“The new methodology desired by France has made it possible to take this step in a clearer and more realistic way, and I am proud to have accompanied this new phase of European construction,” he added.

As for the memory and the worst moment he still remembers the horrible night of April 27 in the Parliament.

According to Thimonier, the night of April 27 serves as a reminder that democracy is not a gift but it must be created constantly without stopping.

“The worst memory is the night of April 27, 2017. The violence and the lack of political consensus about the minimal national interest shocked me deeply. It serves as a reminder that democracy is not a gift, but a constant creation in progress. This reinforces our desire to place the rule of law (rule of law) at the center of our methodology, as a starting point, but also as the crowning achievement of union membership. It is this foundation of law and democratic values, real and not only on paper, that gives meaning to this whole process “, stated for Zhurnal, the French ambassador in the country, Christian Timonier.

Otherwise, Timonier during his four-year mission in Macedonia, has been open and active in everything that worried our country. He has repeatedly reported the attitudes of the leaders from France regarding the advancement of our country on the road to the EU, and never hesitated to smile, giving hope to the leaders of our country that Macedonia is on the right track.

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