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August 10, 2022
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Thousands of euros from the state budget due to poor court proceedings

The Judicial Council will analyze the data of the State Advocacy, which states that due to poor court proceedings, the injured parties in the proceedings must be paid money from the state budget in thousands of euros. The review of cases should show what the money is being paid for – due to poor management of court proceedings or due to poor charges through which innocence has been reached in the higher courts.

“A judge may be excellent, but only one case is enough where unconscionable work will be determined and he will be fired. We are not related to the percentage for any possible dismissal “, said Kiro Zdravev, Chairman of the Judicial Council.

The data of the State Advocacy have also been sent to the Council of Public Prosecutors. The study with the rulings elaborated in detail has been reviewed, but the cases have been outdated.

“The Council of Public Prosecutors does not have the authority to dismiss prosecutors, because some of the cases presented to us by the State Prosecution are older than ten years,” said Aco Kolevski, Chairman of the Council of Prosecutors.

The State Advocacy has also sent the document to the Government. From there they emphasize that they have no competence to forward the data to the Council of Prosecutors, which also declared itself incompetent. The analysis was forwarded to the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime and Corruption, where cases will be investigated when there is a suspicion that there was unconscionable action by prosecutors or judges.

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