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August 10, 2022
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The number of people infected with Covid-19 is increasing, mortality is decreasing

Mortality has almost halved, but the number of people newly infected with the coronavirus in the country is steadily increasing. Yesterday, 1,275 were registered infected, while 13 people died, which is a decrease compared to the previous three days when we had 22, 24 and 21 dead as a result of the virus. The percentage of newly infected with Kovid-19 in relation to the test is increasing, respectively 33, 37 and yesterday 38 percent.

President and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces Stevo Pendarovski yesterday ordered the Army to deploy part of its forces and assets as unarmed forces to carry out tasks to support state institutions in dealing with the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

“With this decree, which enters into force immediately, part of the resources and means of the army will be engaged as unarmed forces in carrying out tasks to support state institutions in dealing with the consequences of the Kovid-19 pandemic,” the cabinet announced. Pendarovski.

According to President Pendarovski’s decree, the General Staff will deploy forces and equipment to provide medical support to the work of health institutions and centers of the Ministry of Health, transport of medical and protective equipment and tools.

The army will also help provide storage space for storage of medical and protective equipment and tools, setting up tents and other types of accommodation facilities intended for the treatment of sick people, as well as for disinfection of spaces and surfaces.

In the clinics and hospitals in the country, according to yesterday’s data of the Ministry of Health, a total of 887 patients have been hospitalized, of which 130 are in oxygen support. This state of capacity fulfillment in the last four days is increasing for seven to 12 patients per day.

The general hospitals inform that they are ready to adapt the wards for the admission of patients if there is a need for this.

The director of the hospital in Struga, Muhamed Asani, informed yesterday that 18 positive people with symptoms of the coronavirus are hospitalized and that there are 32 beds in the ward, which, if met, will be adapted to other wards.

“If the foreseen beds of the Internal Ward are met, we will adapt the Children’s Ward. “We always have a backup option,” said the director.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in Struga and the Struga region, 75 people have died as a result of complications from the corona virus.

In Strumica since yesterday nine doctors and nurses and three technicians of the General Hospital are in isolation after it was confirmed that they are positive for the corona virus. For this, the director of the hospital Naqe Gogov informed that it is uncertain when an additional ward will be opened for the admission of patients with covidium in the new wing of the hospital.

At the Strumica Hospital, 100 patients are currently being treated, of which 45 have been hospitalized, while 55 others are being treated by receiving therapy in the day hospital.

The University Clinic for Positive Radiology in Kovid-19 has four employees, including the director Daniel Gjurcinov. All are in good condition and under home treatment, confirmed for MIA from the Ministry of Health.

They emphasize that there is no stagnation in the Clinic, because out of four patients, two are employed in the administration, while one is a medical technician.

The Government’s new measures to prevent the spread of Kovid-19 are active. It is mandatory to wear masks. Keeping the mask in the open has exceptions when playing sports outdoors, when driving in a private car, if the driver is alone or with a person with whom he lives in the community, while staying in the yard of the family house with persons of the same family or in a hotel facility where specific protection protocols are being implemented.

Hotel facilities are open until 9 pm It is forbidden to group more than four people in public space after 9 pm and to move in public space if citizens do not have significant and unnecessary needs. It is recommended that citizens do not group at home on the occasion of family parties, holidays or other gatherings in groups larger than four people who do not live in the same community.

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