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August 8, 2022
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The number of infected is still high, to respect the measures

1192 new cases with Covid from 3211 tests were recorded in yesterday’s daily report from the Ministry of Health. 22 patients died, of which 8 from Skopje, two from Stip, one from Prilep, two from Tetovo, two from Veles, two from Bitola, two from Ohrid, one from Gostivar, one from Krushevo and one from Pehcheva, informs Zhurnal.

The total number of infected in the country so far is 35097, of the cured 22024, of the dead 1071, while the number of active cases is 12002.

The autumn wave filled the hospitals. Of the 844 hospitalized patients, 130 are on oxygen support while two are on respirator.

In the framework of Covid prevention, the Government introduced new measures, among which are the reduction of working hours in gastronomic facilities until 21:00, except for sales at the counter or by transport, informs Zhurnal.

It is forbidden to group more than four people in public places after 21:00 and citizens if they do not have inalienable needs, not to move after this time.

Citizens should definitely wear masks indoors but also outdoors. The mask is not necessarily to wear if you do sports, if you are alone in the car or with a member of the same house, as well as in the backyard.

Citizens should continue to respect the measures against Covid because the situation is deteriorating day by day, both in our country and in other countries in the region and the world. In recent days, daily records around the world have been broken.

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