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The government has not yet considered the remarks of the Venice Commission on the Law on the Use of Languages

The Government has not yet taken into account the remarks of the Venice Commission regarding the Law on the Use of Languages ​​and the time period in which they will be implemented. Soon, as explained by the Minister of Justice Bojan Maricic, a working group will be formed to review in detail the remarks of the Commission, after which it will be decided how to act according to them.

“In principle, we as the Government have always respected the recommendations of the Venice Commission. Specifically for this law, the Government sent it on its own initiative for consideration and received remarks. “We have not yet reviewed them, neither the Government, nor have we decided how they will be implemented and in what period of time”, said Minister Maricic, answering the questions of the journalists in today’s press conference.

He announced that in the coming period the issue will be reviewed and a working group will have to be formed which will have to go through in detail the remarks and comments of the Venice Commission.

“We are still considering this issue. “It has not been discussed either at the level of the Government or at the level of the coalition what the process of reviewing the comments of the Venice Commission will look like, which mostly refer to the functioning of this law in the justice system”, said the Minister of Justice .

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