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The commission for historical issues Bulgaria-Northern Macedonia is meeting in Skopje today

Macedonian and Bulgarian historians will gather again today after a break of almost a year to continue the dialogue, which is being conducted within the framework of the bilateral multidisciplinary commission on historical and educational issues between Northern Macedonia and Bulgaria, informs Dailynews.mk

The tenth meeting of the commission, which was set up to find a common language for overcoming the two countries’ crises over historical events, is being held in a somewhat heated atmosphere after Sofia recently set a new condition for Skopje over the European integration process. .

Bulgaria recently submitted to the EU countries an explanatory memorandum denying, among other things, the Macedonian language and the Macedonian nation, while these positions were confirmed at last week’s meeting between Bujar Osmani and Ekaterina Zaharieva in Sofia.

Macedonian leaders have repeatedly stressed that language and ethnicity are not disputed in the 21st century, but the Bulgarian side does not give up and says that the Macedonians were created by Tito in 1944.

Prime Minister Zaev told the citizens that they should be prepared that the first intergovernmental conference with the European Union will probably not be held in December due to Bulgaria’s demands.

On the other hand, Mickoski stated that Zaharieva had asked Osman for a second agreement like the one in Prespa, which envisages constitutional changes.

It remains to be seen whether any steps will be taken at today’s and tomorrow’s meeting by the historical committees.

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