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Specialist Chambers withdrawing information on whether it has launched internal probe on files

On Friday of September 25, the head of the KLA WVO Hysni Gucati was arrested by EULEX mission officers under an arrest warrant issued by the Kosovo’s Specialist Chambers in The Hauge. After him, deputy director of the organization was also arrested under the same warrant.

According to the Specialist Chambers they have both obstructed justice as a result of the disclosure of confidential documents.

But, where did these documents come from and has the Specialist Court launched an internal investigation?

Euronews Albania asked the Specialist Prosecutor’s Office about the leakage of confidential information to the public.

“Specialist Prosecutor’s Office does not have a comment on the case,” was written in their answer.

Ehat Miftaraj, from Kosovo’s Institution of Justice says that the Specialist Chambers has an obligation to show transparency to the public, although according to him, it might be too early for details.

“This court is obliged, in the first place in relation to the public of Kosovo and in relation to international factors of the states that fund it, to give explanations for the recent events,” said Ehat Miftaraj.

He adds that Kosovo’s Specialist Chambers must now work hard to restore trust, especially to witnesses, “because its integrity has been damaged.”

“Any information leakage that violates the physical integrity or physical and legal security of witnesses or their families, in legal cases of such unfounded importance as this one, definitely violates the integrity, credibility and the trust in that court,” Mr. Miftaraj says.

According to lawyer Artan Qerkini, this information leakage has damaged the integrity of the Specialist Chambers, which was formed in 2015 by the Assembly of Kosovo to investigate on the alleged war crimes.

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