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August 10, 2022
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Serwer: With President Biden, the approach to the Balkans changes! It is a pity that The Hague does not deal with Serbs

In a statement for DW, the US expert on international affairs and expert on the Balkans, Daniel Server, underlines that even with the change in the White House, the Pristina-Belgrade economic agreement remains. He says that with the election of Biden as President, the approach to the Balkans may change.

“With the election of Joe Biden as President of the United States, the approach of the White House to the Balkans may change. “If this can also influence the September agreement in Washington between Pristina and Belgrade,” he said.

Serwer, among other things, emphasizes that the Agreement stands, although it will not have any great significance even if it is implemented.

“The agreement does not oblige the US for anything, and so far I have not heard anything about its implementation by Pristina and Belgrade. With the opening of trials against former KLA leaders Hashim Thaci and others at the Special Court in The Hague and the impact they could have on Kosovo, Daniel Serwer says, “we need to understand that the process takes place against the individual responsibility of persons, not with collective responsibility. The concern is that it is only developing in one direction, because the Specialized Chambers lack jurisdiction to deal with Serb perpetrators, and Serbia has failed to put them in the dock. “This is unfortunate,” said Serwer.

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