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Serbia says not always easy to protect its friendship with China

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić yesterday (12 October) said it is not always easy to protect his country’s friendship with China given the way other powers look at its economic rise. But he promised that Serbia would continue to build “a sincere friendship” with China by “safeguarding the freedom of choice”.

The statement was made during a visit to Belgrade of Yang Jiechi, a leading member of China’s ruling communist party. Jiechi emphasised that Beijing attaches great importance to “practical cooperation” with Serbia, adding that Chinese companies are being encouraged to invest in Serbia. EURACTIV Serbia has more.

In other news, the Serbian minister in charge of the country’s EU accession, Jadranka Joksimovic, sent a request yesterday for the payment of a third tranche of the EU’s financial package worth €8 million to improve Serbia’s integrated border management system destined for the country’s interior ministry and which is expected to be carried out early next year, Joksimovic’s office reported.

Joksimovic, also a national coordinator for the EU IPA assistance, said the purpose of this kind of EU support was to assist the government of Serbia in establishing the free flow of people and goods, while its borders were controlled properly and protected against illegal activities, in accordance with the bloc’s guidelines and principles./euractiv.rs

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