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Premier Clarifies How Greece Can Expand Its Waters

Prime Minister Edi Rama explained that Greece cannot expand its waters in relation with Albania without having an agreement.

During the interview for Greek television, “Mega”, the Albanian Prime Minister also clarified that his Greek counterpart, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, and the Greek Foreign Minister, Nicos Dendias do not have a secret agenda regarding issues between the two countries. 

“We did not welcome any agreement. We just went through an absurd typical Balkan and classic experience of false patriotism, which ignited the most extreme form of fire, after your Prime Minister addressed parliament, during the discussion of maritime agreements with Italy and Egypt. 

There was a discussion about the country’s right to extend its territorial waters to 12 miles, which is based on the Montego international treaty. Any country with access to the sea is right and it is not something you negotiate or ask others to expand your waters where possible. 

When this is not possible, the countries must come to an agreement, while the issue between Greece and Albania is special, because the two countries can not continue their expansion unilaterally, without the agreement between them, because of course a such a thing is not possible. 

We are close to each other, we can not do things alone or we can not live without understanding and respecting the fact that the other is close to us. We have to reach an agreement and I am convinced that we will find a solution,” said the Prime Minister.

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