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August 10, 2022
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Parliament prepares to discuss the dispute with Bulgaria as uncertainty shrouds the meeting in Berlin

The Macedonian Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee is scheduled to meet tomorrow discuss the latest demands from Bulgaria, which is blocking the opening of EU accession talks. Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani and the Deputy Prime Minister for EU integration Nikola Dimitrov flew to Berlin yesterday for a meeting with Bulgarian Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva, as German diplomats involved in the dispute summoned representatives from both countries to see if they can make some progress.

Macedonia has turned to Germany, especially the social-democratic heads of the Foreign Ministry Heiko Maas and Michael Roth, hoping they can pressure Bulgaria, which demands serious concessions from Macedonia on issues of history and national identity before it will allow the opening of accession talks.

The dignity and the self-determination of the Macedonian people is part of the European cultural and linguistic values and the EU should allow the opening of accession talks without accepting any additional blackmail and pressures, said Antonio Milososki, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Parliament, who scheduled the hearing.

Osmani and Dimitrov have remained silent following their meeting with Zaharieva.

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