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Owners announce mass closure of cafes and restaurants

The NUK association of restaurant and cafe owners said that its members will close their facilities for two weeks, rather than endure the latest round of restrictions. It’s still unclear how extensive the closure will be.

The Government yesterday ordered a ban on loud music, concerts and DJ parties, and restricted the number of people who can sit at one table down to four. This was done in response to several massively attended concerts in posh clubs in Skopje.

We don’t want a patchwork of protocols. We will close our clubs on our own for two weeks. But what if the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise? Will Minister Filipce and doctor Karadzovski apologize and compensate us for our losses?, NUK said in a press release.

According to the association, the closures and restrictions will simply push young people to find alternative gathering places for entertainment. A number of notable musicians and performers have taken to the social media to express their anger at the restrictions, and a protest is planned for Wednesday in front of the Government building.

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