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Osmani: Failure to hold the first intergovernmental session with the EU would be a failure for all

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani stated in a press conference today said that the eventual holding of the first intergovernmental conference in December would be a failure for us and Bulgaria and for the German leadership but also for all participants in the Berlin process, informs DailyNews .

Osmani said that the idea of ​​the process is an incentive for regional cooperation and acceleration of the region’s European integration.

“We have to admit that from now on we have to seek consensus with the 27 member states. In all 130 steps it can happen that a member country does not give confirmation. “Regarding Bulgaria, I think there is room and understanding on both sides for the importance of the current moment and with the work of commissions and policies to find a way forward,” said Osmani.

Regarding the statements of VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski that a new agreement was proposed at the meeting with Zaharievna, Osmani stressed that there is no conspiracy in the whole process and that Bulgaria’s message was contained in the statement of Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko. Borisov, and that is that Bulgaria does not want to be in a situation to block the country’s European perspective.

Osmani said he expects the Berlin process to be the crowning achievement of all our efforts. Further, as Osmani added, different ideas and proposals were exchanged in all the meetings, but he reminded that the message of Bulgaria is that and based on it they will try to intensify the communication so that it does not remain unspoken between the two parties.

Osmani stressed that it is good that the Bulgarian-Macedonian commission is continuing its work today and called on them to find common ground regarding historical events and figures.

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