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North Macedonia: Government deplores statements by Bulgarian Defense Minister

The government of North Macedonia condemned the statements of the Minister of Defense of Bulgaria Krasimir Karakachanov who said that he could send an engineer regiment for the dismantling of the monuments in North Macedonia that would read “Bulgarian fascist occupiers”.

Government spokesman Dusko Arsovski described the statements as unworthy and inappropriate, commenting that representatives of two NATO member states could not communicate with each other in this way.

“We believe in solutions and we are convinced that a neighboring country that was the first to recognize our independence and was a supporter on our path to NATO and EU membership will not consider questioning the right to self-determination of the friendly people of North Macedonia. We can only express optimism that this is not the position of the majority of citizens and academia in Bulgaria”, Arsovski said.

Asked if the government was considering sending a protest to Bulgaria, Arsovski stressed that no such thing was being considered at the moment, but in the event that this scenario was selected, they would provide additional information.

Earlier today Defense Minister Radmila Sekerinska also commented on Karakatsanov’s statement. He said that the days when the defense ministers of our region could make such statements and someone would consider them serious belong in the past.

“Bulgaria is a NATO member as are we, and that is not the way the members of the alliance communicate or should communicate. We will continue to send the same messages we did in previous years. Our citizens pay us and expect us to provide them with security, and security depends on good neighborly relations”, Sekerinska said.

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