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NATO, the right hand and the biggest security support of Northern Macedonia

Northern Macedonia is the 30th member of NATO and in this form has entered the umbrella of the most powerful military and political organization in the world. Yesterday in Brussels, at the NATO headquarters stood Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, who once again received the guarantee that NATO remains the right hand and the best defense of the country. Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has reiterated his paramilitary support for Northern Macedonia as the youngest member of the North Atlantic Alliance.

Northern Macedonia, a sovereign country in a strong Alliance

This year, NATO welcomed Northern Macedonia into the NATO family, making it a sovereign country in a strong Alliance. With a seat at the NATO table, Northern Macedonia becomes an equal voice in NATO decision-making. The country’s membership in NATO is an extraordinary achievement, which comes after years of determination and commitment to reform. This decision was good for the people of Northern Macedonia, because the security provided by NATO helps to promote prosperity and foreign investment, as well as contributes to Euro-Atlantic security.

The troops of the Northern Macedonian Army are serving in Afghanistan, while providing valuable support to the NATO peacekeeping mission in Kosovo, while evaluating the decision to increase defense spending and planning to invest 2% of GDP in defense by 2024.

NATO considers that Northern Macedonia is a reliable Alliance, while in times like these, friends and allies are more important than ever.

Northern Macedonia was not alone during the COVID-19 pandemic. The NATO Disaster Relief Center coordinated aid to northern Macedonia, and the Allies sent medical equipment and financial assistance to ease the burden on the health care system and save lives.

Northern Macedonia will receive a COVID-19 aid package from NATO’s new medical supplies. This will include 60 fans and other urgently needed equipment worth approximately 1.4m euros.

NATO faces pandemic and security challenges

At the same time, the security challenges that NATO faced in the face of the pandemic have not disappeared. NATO is responding to hybrid and cyber threats, including disinformation targeting NATO institutions, values ​​and democracy.

NATO is to help the Allies. Its new teams in the fight against hybrid attacks, are ready to help the Allies withstand a wide range of similar attacks. NATO will not allow this health crisis to become a security crisis.

NATO has assured Northern Macedonia and all member states that whatever the challenge, NATO is stronger and more secure together.

What follows is a serious certification that we must go through as a process, within the procedure of NATO membership. It is very important for the security of the people and our country, but it is also important for the security of the whole region and all our partners and the Alliance in general. We have already gone through certain stages of certification that was necessary even before our full membership in NATO, for certain categories of people who worked with the documents, writes Zhurnal.mk.

Vetting in the Army of Northern Macedonia

The transformation of the Army of Northern Macedonia is in line with NATO standards and in this form will have to change the senior officers of the army.

These procedures will have to go through all in the field of security, but there is also a need for dignified participation in the overall NATO security system, which should be implemented as professionally as possible, because official Skopje works with partners who together with the security services must clarify all the details regarding the preparation, procedures, certification or as it is called the vetting that all officers must pass.

NATO with Northern Macedonia in Afghanistan to prevent the return of terrorists

NATO is in Afghanistan to prevent Afghanistan from becoming a safe haven again for international terrorists. The reason why NATO is in Afghanistan is an attack on the United States. When the United States was attacked on 9/11 2001, NATO for the first time in its history invoked the collective defense clause, Article 5. Hundreds of thousands of troops from Europe, from Canada have served side by side with US troops in Afghanistan to prevent terrorists from once again controlling that country. NATO is committed to the mission in Afghanistan because it is in the interest of security, ensuring that Afghanistan does not once again become a platform where terrorists can plan, organize and carry out terrorist attacks in member countries. NATO supports the peace process, and talks between the government in Afghanistan and the Taliban are welcomed. As part of the peace effort, NATO has reduced our presence in Afghanistan. Some time ago NATO had more than one hundred thousand troops in the major combat operation, while now there are approximately 12,000 NATO troops in Afghanistan, and they support, train, assist and advise the Afghan security forces, writes Zhurnal.mk.

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