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Musicians and restaurant workers protest against new Government restrictions

Club owners, musicians and restaurant workers protested in front of the Macedonian Government building today, giving Prime Minister Zoran Zaev two days to review the strict coronavirus restrictions that banned live music events or any loud celebration and imposed a strict limit to the number of people who sit at a table (down to 4).

Protesters said that they respected all Government protocols and are now being made scapegoats as the infection and mortality rates continue to remain high. They warned about serious job losses and announced a new, major protest on Sunday, unless the protocols are reviewed.

“We are aware of the crisis, but we need to have special protocols for weddings and other events in order for our industry to survive. We’ve been out of work since mid March and still we manage to pay out our workers, said one of protest organizers Ekrem Memishi.

Goran Arsovski, representing night club owners, said that their businesses are facing ruin. “Our facilities meet all requirements to host events. We can measure temperature of patrons, electronic ticketing, proper ventilation systems…”, Arsovski said.

Prime Minister Zaev said that he will meet with protest representatives on Friday. Protesters loudly booed every mention of the imposed name “North Macedonia” and of Zaev himself.

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