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Montenegro’s PM Addresses Pension Issues

Montenegro’s Prime Minister Igor Luksic met on Wednesday with representatives of two pensioners unions to discuss issues facing retirees in the country.

The prime minister said that the government would support pensioners through various programmes, including providing subsidies to the most vulnerable, and to recreational and lesisure programmes. He noted that the average pension in Montenegro is 268 euros, which puts the country ahead of its neighbours, with the exception of Croatia, and ahead of the Baltic states.

Luksic also addressed the housing issues faced by some pensioners, explaining that the government was ready to help solve the problems by designing a model that would encourage new construction but wouldn’t mean full ownership, and would take advantage of an already existing union scheme.

Commenting on the new amendments to the Law on Pensions and Disability, the prime minister said that the goverment had adopted a decision that was unpopular and painful, but also responsible. The amendments have been assessed positively by international financial institutions, including the IMF, he added.

“The Law we have adopted follows European practice, and our long-term goal is to provide a secure and stable income for all users of the Pension Fund. This solution will also have a positive income on our economy in the long run,” Luksic said.

The prime minister also noted that he has sent an open invitation to representatives of pensioners to establish a regular practice of holding such meetings and discussing all issues with the relevant ministries and the Pension Fund in order to resolve outstanding problems.

The director of the Pension Fund, Dusan Perovic, who also met with pension union leaders, spoke about the Fund’s efforts to improve the quality and level of modern services for all its users.

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