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Minister of Internal Affairs Lleshaj: We no longer need a strategy against cannabis

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Sandër Lleshaj, referred to the cultivation of cannabis phenomenon in Albania as “exaggerated”.

“Cannabis is no longer a concern in Albania. It is a problem just as in any other normal country elsewhere. It is very close to normal parameters. The latest Commission Report says that Albania is the only country monitored by a third party, such as Italy”, said Lleshaj.

Minister Lleshaj referred to the data coming from Italian authorities, saying that this year in total they had seized less than 1 ton of cannabis.

“This year only 900 kilograms were seized in Italy. We have eradicated a larger quantity of the plant. The more you search for it, the more you will find”, declared Lleshaj.

The Internal Minister said that Albania “no longer needs a national strategy for cannabis”, but an “overall drug tackling strategy”.

“The State Police say that there is no need for a national strategy against cannabis, but an overall response to tackle drugs”, declared the minister.

The Internal Minister blamed the opposition as being keen on “boosting the cannabis as a phenomenon”.

“Crime is not Albanian product, but an individual or organized one”

Apart from the cultivation of cannabis, the minister also spoke over the concerns of Netherlands, which voted against Albania’s EU accession.

Netherlands has continuously denounced Albanian criminality as a major problem in its territory.

“First of all, I reject the term “Albanian crime”. Crime is not an Albanian product, but an individual or organized problem”, said Lleshaj referring to the term as “unacceptable”, “politically incorrect” and “unethical”.

“In regards to Netherlands, Albanian media should become a bit more patriotic and refuse these labels. Albania is a peaceful nation which has not produced crime”, reiterated the Internal Minister.

The Minister unveiled an exclusive graph for Ilva Now. The graph shows a drastic fall of alleged individuals with ties to organized crime, from a total of 262,160 to 460.

“The Dutch are worried over a total of 262,160 alleged suspects back in 2019, of which 460 are Albanians, therefore only 0.1 of them is of an Albanian nationality”, said Lleshaj.

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