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Mickoski-Galloway meeting: The situation is alarming, the government doesn’t know how to deal with Covid-19

The President of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoki met Monday with the British Ambassador, Rachel Galloway, with whom he discussed the current political, economic and health situation in the Republic of Macedonia.

According to the party, during the meeting Mickoski stressed that the government does not know how to deal with Covid-19 and due to their inability the number of infections and deaths is at a very high level.

“Mickoski pointed out that nothing is being done about the pandemic, both in terms of the healthcare and economy. Mickoski also referred to the political situation in the country, emphasizing that crime and corruption are very common and that there is a selective rule of law. He also said that the government awards tenders to people close to the government and no one is held responsible for that.”, said the party.

According to the party, Mickoski also pointed out that VMRO-DPMNE as a political party has clear and concrete policies that will put the Republic of Macedonia on the right path, and will have an impact on the EU membership.

“At the end of the meeting, Mickoski thanked the British Ambassador for the meeting and hopes that such meetings will continue in the future, which will contribute to the good of the Republic of Macedonia, reads the statement of VMRO-DPMNE.”

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