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Lulzim Basha’s promise to Albanian voters: We’ll review the entire fiscal system

The Democratic Party leader, Lulzim Basha, underlined that Albanians easier fiscal measures. According to him, a flat tax of 9% is how the Albanian middle class will be consolidated.

“I have received many messages during these days regarding the fiscal package of our economic program that was recently introduced to our public. This is how I had a better understanding of the great needs of our workers, engineers, economists, doctors, lawyers, professionals, and businessmen so that we can bring easier measures that can support them in such hard times.

“Through the 9% flat tax we are going to consolidate the middle class of our society, which is the main pillar of a healthy and stable economy in cities and villages. This is just one of the ways how we will empower those who are working. Your hard work should not be overtaxed. On the contrary, the more money enters your pocket, the better for our economy. In these seven years, the Rama government has increased taxes more than any other government, with the worst management ever”, Basha wrote.

According to the DP leader, our society needs lower taxes, rather than an arrogant government which is becoming an obstacle for the people, rather than creating new possibilities.

“Albania needs to breathe. Albanians need support and lower taxes, not an arrogant government that only brings obstacles. We are going to review the current tax package to make it easier for businesses and investors.

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