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August 10, 2022
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Kyuchyuk: A clear signal must be given that Skopje’s country is in the EU

We must send a strong, pro-European signal that the European Union sees the Republic of Northern Macedonia and the whole region as an integral part of it, not only geographically, but also politically and economically. Until the Berlin process meeting on November 10, there is no time for major decisions. It would be a shame to miss this opportunity during the strong German presidency.

This was stated for BNR by the Bulgarian MEP and rapporteur for Northern Macedonia in the European Parliament, Ilhan Kyuchyuk, commenting on the developments between Sofia and Skopje and the Bulgarian threats to block Macedonia’s European integration.

“I know this is not easy. But we must be reasonable. “Let us do everything possible… both the Government and the politicians show more courage”, said Kyuchyuk.

He sees the wording “common” as a great achievement of the Good Neighbor Agreement between Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia, because the common past, common history and common roots, according to him, will lay a very strong for a common future ”.

“The commissions from the Bulgarian and Macedonian side have achieved a lot. History is not an easy topic to talk about. Nobody says to give up this conversation, but time must be given. If the Prespa Agreement solves a problem with the Greek Republic and eliminates it once and for all, wanting to show that the past of the two sides has nothing in common, then the Bulgarian agreement with the Republic of Northern Macedonia begins a process – for said that everything was common “, said Kyuchyuk.

The ultimate goal is to be together in the European Union and this is the strategic interest of Bulgaria, Northern Macedonia and the European Union, says the Bulgarian MEP, but notes that the intensity in this process has been lost.

“Citizens’ feelings exist on both sides of the border and we should not play with them and they are dictated by the unclear positions of what we want and where we want the region to be,” Kyuchyuk added.

The Bulgarian MEP and rapporteur for Northern Macedonia in the European Parliament believes that Brussels finds it difficult to understand the misunderstandings between Sofia and Skopje and demands modern behavior, concrete activities within international formats.

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