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KLA veteran association’s attorney and secretary asked to appear at EULEX headquarters for questioning

The Specialist Prosecutor’s Office has called Tomë Gashi, the legal attorney of the Kosovo Liberation Army veteran association. Gashi said that he had received a phone call from an unidentified number.

The attorney said that an investigator of the Specialized Chamber had asked him and the association’s secretary to go to the police headquarters of the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX) where other members of KLA were also interviewed.

Gashi said that he turned down their request as it was not in written form.

“Tonight I will be go on TV to speak about national matters at The Hague with Nasim Haradinaj. The Specialized Chambers has lost its reasoning and is now trying to arrest the lawyers defending the war veterans. It seems that it is not clear to the police of the Specialist Prosecutor’s Office that Nasim Haradinaj and Hysni Gucati do not recognize the Specialist Chambers”, stressed Gashi.

Meanwhile, the association’s secretary, Faton Klinaku, confirmed that he accepted the call and added that he will not respond to the Specialist Chambers as it is a “a court whose mandate has expired”.

“The Specialized Chambers called me and said that I speak German but I didn’t want to speak to them and then they told that I speak English but I refused to talk to them again. I told them to call me once they have a translator. What I understood is that I had to sign something. You know that we do not recognize this court as its mandate has expired”, added Klinaku.

On Thursday, the chair of the KLA veteran association, Hysni Gucati, is heading to the Specialized Chambers at The Hague after being arrested “for offences against the administration of justice, namely intimidation of witnesses, retaliation and violation of secrecy of proceedings.”

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