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August 10, 2022
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Karakachanov: Bulgaria will not make concessions to Northern Macedonia

In Skopje, somebody thinks that Bulgaria will make concessions out of brotherly feelings and solidarity. They estimate that someone from outside will put pressure on Bulgaria. However, this will not happen, said today the Minister of Defense in Bulgaria, Krasimir Karakachanov, reports Zhurnal.

According to him, it is inconceivable for the Bulgarian Parliament to vote for austerity and such an omission from the Bulgarian position would not pass in any parliamentary composition.

“We will see what happens in a week. The choice of whether to be part of the EU is theirs. “They will not become members of the European Union with computer strikes on the table,” Karakachanov told Bulgarian television BTV.

He estimates that the Good Neighbor Agreement between Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia is good enough but only if it is respected.

“A year after the signing, it is no longer respected,” Karakachanov said, adding that reaching an agreement was a condition for the country’s membership in NATO, while its observance was a condition for EU membership.

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