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Kadri Veseli’s lawyer Ben Emmerson has very good knowledge of Kosovo

Kadri Veseli`s lawyer, Ben Emmerson, has a very well knowledge of Kosovo, the KLA, and its struggle for freedom.

Well-known British lawyer, Ben Emmerson, will be the legal representative in the Special Court, of the former PDK chairman, Kadri Veseli. Ben Emmerson, who specializes in international law and human rights, international and constitutional and public criminal law, has a very well knowledge of Kosovo, the KLA, and its struggle for freedom.

Emmerson has also defended the former Prime Minister of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj, who was eventually acquitted of all charges of war crimes. In his professional career, Emmerson has worked on many cases and for many governments.

Emmerson has been the chief lawyer in more than 25 cases that have gone through the Strasbourg Court and of which he has not lost any.

His biography also mentions the victory in the case of Ramush Haradinaj in April 2008, where after a trial of several years, Haradinaj was acquitted of all charges. Former British Prime Minister Theresa May, speaking of the figure of Ben Emmerson, has described him as one of the best lawyers in Britain.

“One of Britain’s most distinguished lawyers in the field of national and international human rights law,” said May while referring to Emmerson.

In June 2011, Emmerson was elected United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Task Force against Terrorism and Human Rights. He held this mandate until July 2017.

In this capacity, he reported annually to the United Nations General Assembly, the United Nations Human Rights Council, and the relevant entities established by the Security Council.

Currently, Ben Emmerson is also the Queen’s lawyer in England.

Based on his successful international work and real events, the movie “Official Secrets” that has won many international awards, was made in his honor.

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