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August 10, 2022
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IPH weekly report: 70.1% more cases compared to last week

The Ministry of Health announces that according to the report of the Institute for Public Health, which relates to the period from October 26 to November 1, 17,299 were tested, which is an increase of 23.6% compared to last week.

During this period, 5,800 new cases were registered in 35 cities of the country and with an increase of 70.1% compared to last week. Most of the registered cases are from Skopje with 2,690 new cases or 46.4 percent.

Also during this period 33.5 percent of the tested were positive with COVID-19. Infected of all ages have been reported. The age most affected by the COVID-19 virus is 30-39 (1,283 or 22.1%). A large number of infected are also in the elderly group over 60 years or (1,169 cases; 20.2%), 40-49 years (1,089; 18.8), 50-59 years (1,056; 18.2%) and 20-29 (866 ; 14.9%). The lowest number was registered in children aged 0-9 years (94; 1.6%) and 10-19 years (243; 4.2%).

Out of 4,800 new cases from last week, 2,793 or 48.2 percent are female and 3,007 or 51.8 percent are male.

During this week, 2,262 patients were recovered, which is 696 more than last week. There have been 88 deaths in 21 cities which is an increase of 4.8% compared to last week. Of the deaths, 70 patients were over 60 years old, 12 patients 50-59, 4 patients were aged 40-49 and one each at ages 30-39 and 20-29 years.

The detailed IPH report on the situation with COVID-19 can be found at this link.

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