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Get spotless, soft and glowing skin with this two-ingredient home remedy

Everyone desires to have clear and glowing skin but with our busy schedule, it becomes difficult to maintain a skincare routine. So of you are looking for a super easy, no-fuss home remedy for healthy skin, Vandana Goswami, a beauty blogger has the perfect one for you.

“Get spotless, soft, smooth, and glowing skin with these two ingredients. Make a simple cream that also removes your pigmentation and dullness,” Goswami said.


1 tbsp – Dahi/curd
1 – Vitamin E capsule


*Take a cotton cloth piece, put curd in it, and remove all the excess water by squeezing it.
*Take the drained curd and put it in a small bowl.
*Add vitamin E capsule and mix it well till a creamy consistency is formed.

How to apply?

*Apply the cream on your face and massage it for two minutes with an upward motion. Make sure your skin absorbs all the cream.
*After two minutes, wash your face with plain water.

Monsoon may cause unprecedented skin problems unless you deal with humidity tactfully. Curd helps to boost skin health and make it glow. It also improves blood circulation and skin texture. On the other hand, vitamin E is an excellent antioxidant that nourishes and hydrates the skin.

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