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Following tuna sandwich controversy, Subway CEO says it is one of his favourites

Following the study that found “no amplifiable tuna DNA” in Subway’s tuna sandwich, the sandwich chain’s CEO has defended its food product in the wake of the controversy.

Speaking to CNN, John Chidsey said the company was “very proud of our tuna”. The CEO said that the tuna sandwich was, in fact, one of his two favourite items on their menu.

Chidsey said that the previous complaint about the presence of tuna DNA was amended in June to state that Subway tuna is “100 per cent tuna”. But now it is being questioned what kind of tuna is used.

“They question what kind of tuna it is. But they acknowledge it is 100 per cent tuna. That’s not the real issue. I say follow the science, and if you follow the science, once tuna is cooked, its DNA becomes denatured, which means when you go to test it, you can’t tell one way or the other,” he said.

The CEO further revealed that while the company has worked to refresh its menu for the last 15-16 months, tuna was the one sandwich ingredient “we did not touch”. “We worked on turkey. We worked on ham. We worked on chicken. We worked on steak. People love our tuna,” he was quoted as saying.

Subway’s menu revamp will include changes to more than 20 items like new bread products, smashed avocado and upgrades to ham and turkey, reported Independent.

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