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August 15, 2022
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Exclusive/ Socialist MP initiates Special Parliamentary Commission for KLA prisons in Albania

From a source in the Albanian Parliament, Top Channel’s Muhamed Veliu has learned that Taulant Balla, the leader of the socialist parliamentary group, has taken steps to set up a special parliamentary commission on the issue of KLA prisons in Albania, based on Article 77 of the Constitution and Article 24 of the Assembly.

Sources from the assembly state that Mr. Balla has started today the collection of signatures necessary for the establishment of the commission that will examine all allegations of the existence of KLA prisons in northern Albania.

This initiative of Taulant Balla comes in the continuation of public attitudes from where he has asked for explanations from the main opposition Lulzim Basha in connection with the drafting of files against KLA fighters.

Top Channel has interviewed in 2010 the UN expert Jose-Pablo Baraybar, who indicated that he had entered Albania as a tourist and was accompanied by Lulzim Basha in Kukës, while he was searching for KLA prisons.

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