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EU calls on Balkan Leaders to Refrain from Statements that Affect the Reconciliation

The European Union criticized statements of Serbia’s deputy prime minister and minister of Foreign Affairs, Ivica Dacic threatening Serbs who disclose locations of mass graves where Albanians and Croats were buried by the Serbian troops.

“The political leaders in all these countries should really lead by example in choosing to work together to promote cooperation to promote the climate of mutual trust respect and understanding and not to do steps or make remarks to the contrary,” stated the EU lead spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Peter Stano.

Answering the questions on Monday, Stano said that it is not up to the EU to comment on various remarks by representatives, political leaders or leaders of political parties in their partner countries.

“We’ve noted however during the past days and weeks various statements which are touching upon the issue of reconciliation, regional cooperation and good neighbourly relations,” he added.

Statements coming from Serbia’s high officials, also using derogatory language towards Albanians, sparked many reactions.

“So since you are asking about our position, I would like to stress the following: It should be clear to all the representatives from countries which are aspiring to join the European Union that they should fulfil their obligations to foster good neighbourly relations and regional cooperation. These are the values that the EU is standing for and is advancing”, concluded Stano.

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