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Rumen Radev: No compromises with history and language

The President of Bulgaria, Rumen Radev, said that there should be a political solution to overcome the historical issues that are the topic of discussion of the Macedonian-Bulgarian commission.

Radev told “BGNES” says that the people in the Bulgarian-Macedonian commission were professionals and that they, as before, would seek and defend the historical truth and the Bulgarian national interest.

My message to them is that politicians cannot abdicate from this important process for Bulgaria and Macedonia and the EU. It is high time to find a political solution that will confirm all the principles of respecting history and good neighborliness and respecting our identity and language, says Radev.

Regarding this position, the Bulgarian president says that it was the responsibility of the candidate country for EU membership.

There is always room for compromise, but one cannot make compromise with history, identity and language or demands on national minorities, said Radev.

Radev’s message comes as Macedonian and Bulgarian historians of the joint multidisciplinary commission on historical and educational issues are holding Friday their second day of discussions in Skopje.

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