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DUI: The situation with Covid-19 requires responsibility from all of us

The number of people affected by COVID-19 in the Republic of Northern Macedonia, the countries of the region but also throughout Europe in recent days has marked a steady increase as a result of the second wave of pandemic during the autumn season.

Adherence to COVID-19 protocols, such as wearing a mask, maintaining physical distance and disinfection, respectively maintaining hygiene in general is the most effective and best protection for personal and public health.

The Democratic Union for Integration recommends to the citizens that we do not allow our health system to be unable to provide care for everyone who needs it.

“Strict observance of measures, wearing a mask, maintaining distance and regular disinfection and hygiene in general remain the best way to prevent paralysis of our health system. “Already, the Government has approved new measures that will enter into force immediately after the approval of the legal changes in the Assembly, these measures are aimed at protecting public health”, say from DUI.

From this party, among other things, they say that the situation with the new wave of those affected by COVID-19 is extremely difficult, everything will depend on ourselves how quickly we will be able to stabilize this situation that has affected not only our country but all the world.

“The key factor will be the behavior of citizens and respect for all measures and protocols by all how we will cope with this situation with the pandemic caused by COVID-19. “We must fight the hidden enemy COVID-19 together and all without exception must strictly respect the measures for the protection of personal and public health, wear masks, maintain distance and take care of disinfection or hygiene in general.” , emphasize by DUI.

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