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Dr. Panovski: Today’s record will be broken soon, numbers might climb well over 1,000 cases per day

Dr. Nikola Panovski told Wednesday Kanal 5 that it should be no surprise at all if the numbers of new cases climb above 1,000 cases on a daily basis.

He added that if the measures continue to be disregarded, the reintroduction of curfew and other movement restrictions will have to be considered.

This record will likely be broken soon because in my opinion these are cases somewhere from Friday to Saturday. Now they will come those from Saturday night – Sunday. These are the days of incubation. New cases are emerging. So there will be cases where they spread the virus at home. It will spread. This is a serious problem and everyone should get involved the government and the opposition and religious leaders and doctors should persuade the citizens to respect the measures. We will already collapse, but also economically, says Dr. Panovski.

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