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August 15, 2022
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Another Kosovo’s former soldier indicted by Specialists Chambers in The Hague

The Specialist Chambers for Kosovo based in The Hague confirmed indictment for Rexhep Selimi, a former member of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and the current head of the opposition Self-determination (Vetëvendosje) party’s Deputy Club and he said he would appear before the court “with my head high up,” on Thursday.

“I feel obliged to tell you I’m going to the Hague to face the challenges the KLA is confronted with,” Selimi wrote on his Facebook profile, the KoSSev website reported.

He added he would go there “with my head high up and will come back with my head high up.”
Selimi said he was summoned on November 10, 2019, as a suspect.

On Wednesday, the Specialist Prosecutor’s Office, the European Union Mission in Kosovo (EULEX) and the local police searched the home of Jakup Krasniqi, one of KLA key member, arrested him and went to The Hague.

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