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August 10, 2022
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Albanian Students Protest Against Online Learning During COVID-19 Pandemic

Dozens of students protested in front of the Ministry of Education today. They are opposing the development of online learning for the new academic year.With banners in hand, the students called on the ministry to approve the start of teaching in the auditorium, as a normal learning process can’t take place online.
According to them, one cannot experiment with the education of an entire generation.

Most affected by the development of online learning seem to be those students who are due to start the first year of studies. The new academic year started on Monday, November 2, for all universities. By the decision of the Ministry of Education, the lesson will be conducted online as a measure to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Many of those that took part in today’s protest did not wear masks, others claimed that COVID-19 is not dangerous or even real. Some others in attendance said that the decision to do online teaching was made just three days before the start of term when many had already paid for the rent.

Exit News brings below some of the student statements to reporters:

“Online learning is ridiculous, students fight for the lesson to be valuable, not to make fun of students. School should be done normally. Online learning preaches ignorance. There is no pandemic, there is nothing, we do not believe in the pandemic. “

“It is easy to say online learning, but the economic conditions of Albanians do not allow such a thing. We will continue until our voice is heard. “

“I paid the rent for the house for three months. We are from the districts. We want to return to the auditorium, to get the experience we need, we tried it once and there were shortcomings in lessons. “

“The decision three days before the lesson started caused us revolt and surprise, even the university leaders were unprepared, imagine the first-year students who have paid the rent for apartments. We demand that the seminars be returned to the auditoriums, while we also demand a halving of the fees since they have decided on this format. ”

“To return the money we paid for the fees. We tried online learning once and it was not effective. “

In all universities of the country, public and private, 130,000 students start their studies today. 21,000 of them are starting university for the first time.

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