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Albanian PM Rama calls on Vucic to condemn the statement made by Serbian Minister of Defense

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama called the Serbian Minister of Defense as “braindrained” in a reaction to the statement made by the latter yesterday.

PM Rama wrote to his Serbian counterpart Aleksandar Vucic on Twitter asking for further clarification on the statement made after the Albania – Kosovo agreement, reached in the sixth intergovernmental meeting between the two countries.

It was precisely Rama’s statement saying that Port of Durres will “de facto” become the Port of Kosovo that sparked many reactions in Serbia, including that of the Minister of Defense Aleksandar Vulin.  

The latter said in an official press release, that such statement was proof that the Albanian Prime Minister continues to work for a “Greater Albania”.

“By stating that the port of Durres will belong to Kosovo, Edi Rama continued with his effort to create a ‘Greater Albania’. As always, the European Union will remain silent and will not do anything. Albanians are allowed to unite and seize other people’s territories, but Serbs are not allowed to unite even in their own country. This is a repetition of a lie that ‘Greater Albania’ is a natural Albania and the Serbs united in one state are a threat to peace,” said the Serbian Minister of Defense.

“Only united Serbs can stop ‘Greater Albania’ and the sooner we unite institutionally, the sooner the time of peace will start in the Balkans. You cannot forbid Serbs to do the things that you allow Albanians,” his statement said.

This was followed by PM Rama’s reaction on Twitter:

“Vucic, is this real or is it a meme making fun of drained brains and dirty mouths that kept all our region in darkness for centuries? I very much wish it is a meme, otherwise this would be a despicable show of miserable thinking that you should condemn without any doubt!”

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