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After the meeting with Xhaferi, will be decided how will work the Assembly

How will the work take place in the Assembly after the revelation in the public that two deputies are positive with Kovid-19 and given that the ruling parties with their absence in the plenary sessions do not have a majority, will probably be known after today’s coordinating meeting with the Speaker of the Assembly, Talat Xhaferi.

There is no information from Xhaferi’s Cabinet on how he will act, given the position of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE that they will not quorum the government, and the question of whether there will be deputies from the Alliance of Albanians and Alternativa.

Sources close to the Assembly brief that the speaker will not cancel the meeting, nor any other in the future, as long as a sufficient number of deputies can be gathered for the work of the Assembly, respectively quorum or at least 61 deputies, regardless of whether they are from the government or from the opposition. From there they emphasize that the opposition should keep in mind that these are specific working conditions and that it should take responsibility and contribute to the functionality of the institution. Regarding the voting for the agenda items, they say that it is democratic for everyone to declare as they think, but that in this case the opposition deputies, both from the Macedonian and the Albanian bloc, must participate in the work of the Assembly.

The first clearer picture of how the work in the Assembly can be conducted should give an epilogue from the meeting of the coordinators of the parliamentary groups with the Speaker of the Assembly Xhaferi, while the coordinator of VMRO-DPMNE Nikola Miceski is expected to participate.

The coordinator of the SDSM parliamentary group, Jovan Mitreski told MIA that the meeting has not been canceled and how the Parliament will function will be known after the coordination meeting with the speaker.

VMRO-DPMNE emphasizes that the group of deputies will have coordination tomorrow, after which it will be officially known whether they will participate in the meeting. Their position, stated in advance, was that they will not quorum the majority in Parliament.

Positives with Kovid-19 are MPs Laze Tanevski from SDSM and Ismail Jahoski from DUI. Tanevski was tested because he wanted to travel abroad, while Jahoski had symptoms of Kovid-19 and was hospitalized. After the epidemiological surveys, the Center for Public Health informed that there is no need to isolate other deputies, because the measures in the Assembly have been respected.

The majority in power in the Assembly counts 62 deputies from SDSM, DUI, Besa and coalition partners, while the opposition has 58 deputies from VMRO-DPMNE and the coalition of the Alliance of Albanians and the Alternative.

The Assembly in the Republic of Northern Macedonia today must hold the continuation of the 15th meeting, where on the agenda are the Draft Law on Obligation of the SME with loans to the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development – World Bank under the Loan Agreement for financing of the COVID-19 Emergency Response Project in Northern Macedonia, shortened procedure, as well as amendments to the Law on Information Protection, the Law on Judicial Taxes, the Law on Camps and the Law on Ski Resorts, all in first reading.

Meetings should also be held by the Legislative-Legal Commission, where the agenda is the Draft Law on Obligation of the RMV with a loan to the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development – World Bank under the Loan Agreement for financing the Project for urgent confrontation with Covid-19 in Northern Macedonia, by summary procedure.

This week, respectively on Wednesday, October 15, the debate on the Budget rebalance should start in the Assembly.

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